Featured in the Yorkshire Post

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Featured in the Yorkshire Post

It was a great honour to have some coverage in the Yorkshire Post for a small start-up business like us. The Yorkshire Post printed an article about our new company on 1st September 2016. The post reads: 

''Start-up business Teak Desire is breathing new life into long-forgotten wood.

A fledging start-up business with a unique range of stunning Indonesian wood products for the home or office is turning heads on York Shambles market this summer.

Dale Thompson and Jem Lalchan launched their new venture in July with help from the Prince’s Trust Enterprise scheme. The programme is designed to help young people develop their new business ideas and help them with business planning, funding and mentoring support.

The new venture is called Teak Desire and is one of only a few outlets in the country that is importing such a wide range of stylish products that are hand crafted from recycled teak wood. Items include fruit bowls, stools, mirrors, chopping boards, plates and candle holders.

Most of the teak wood is reclaimed from old abandoned buildings, railway sleepers, fishing boats and trees that may have fallen over a hundred years ago. Teak wood is renowned for its durability and is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Each piece that is made from such wood has its own character and is unique which is why Teak Desire use the strapline – ‘It’s Never the Same’.

At the moment, the company is at York Shambles Market on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday each week, and has attracted a lot of interest from York residents and tourists alike. Business partner Dale Thompson say, “Sales in York have been very encouraging and we also trade through our website and are active in social media but we have plans to extend our trading days and also to widen our appeal by seeking out other Yorkshire markets and craft fairs – especially as we head to the Christmas trading period”.

Inspiration for the business came jointly but it is Jem Lachlan who had a background in home décor and furniture retailing and felt that the concept would gain wide approval in Yorkshire and beyond, “So many people enjoy the beauty of the wood, the different textures and grain patterns and the fact that it is reclaimed and recycled adds to the appeal. We have been heartened by the level of interest so far, both from home owners and businesses.”

There is a naturally high oil and resin content in teak wood, which provides a hardy resistance to rot and insect damage and means that teak is very durable and will last for many years.

Which is exactly Dale and Jem’s hopes for their new business Teak Desire.''

This has given us some much needed press coverage whilst we grow steadily. Only 2 months into our venture, the general response has been overwhelmingly positive. So much so, we are increasing our trade days on the York Shambles Market from 3 days to possibly 5 days.

We have already added Tuesdays to our regular Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays and now looking to add 5th day on Saturdays. 

We take great pride in every little success and achievements. We would also like to give credits to Princes' Trust and our mentor - Mike Hind for their great support and education into starting up a business. 

We look forward to growing our company, Teak Desire and bring much more beautiful handcrafted reclaimed products not only to York but to the whole Yorkshire and beyond. 

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